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High Park

Our menu has been slightly revised, and now with some additional items!
Please view our menu below :)

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Our Story
Vietnamese cuisine, serving you the best Phở

It started as a small family-run restaurant in the city of Vaughan in 2009. Serving the most delicious and authentic Phở in the city ever since. We've always taken pride in preparing our Phở as well as many other casual Vietnamese favourites like Rice with Grilled Pork Chop & Chicken, vermicelli noodles, and Vietnamese spring rolls.

Our long journey has led us to finally open our first express location in downtown Toronto next to High Park, at Keele and Bloor. Our express location will serve a smaller menu, while still serving the most popular dishes on our menu!


We are excited to meet and grow with a new community, but most importantly cook and serve the best and most authentic Phở and Vietnamese favourites to you!


Phở T&T Express

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